New Officers and new Chiba AJET website!

Congratulations to our new Chiba AJET officers for 2015:

President – MacKenzie M
Vice President – Jesse R
Secretary – Curt H
Treasurer – Ellie M
Council Member – Melinda M

2014 was a great year, with many new events, and a lot of things happening, such as the transition to our new website!  This WordPress site will no longer be updated, so please make sure to bookmark our new site!

The new Chiba AJET website can be found at:


New Officers!

Happy New Year, everyone!

As a result of the first ever Chiba AJET council elections, we now have a great team of officers ready to take Chiba AJET to the next level:

President – Rochelle Z

Vice President – Mackenzie M

Secretary – Rachel W

Treasurer – Nachuwm H

Webmaster – Curt H

Council At-large – Jesse R

We’ve already had an exciting fall, with the 2014 Otaki Camping Trip and our annual Chiba AJET Thanksgiving Dinner. We also have some big things coming up, such as the YETI Ski Trip and there has been talk of a day trip for ice skating!

It’s been a bit slow to get some of our infrastructure transitioned, but I’ve been working hard on ideas to try to develop our web presence by restructuring our blog with the intention of making it an easy jumping-off point to find all of the great resources available to you from your PA office as well as AJET. That is now in progress, so try not to mind the mess as things get shuffled around here! In the meantime, please keep up to date by joining the Chiba AJET Facebook group! Also, don’t forget to check out the Thousand Leaves Wiki to find important information about various places in Chiba you may want to visit! And if you’ve got some great information that’s missing, sign up and add it!

Let’s work together to make 2015 the best Chiba experience yet!

— Curt

Chiba Orientation Dinner 2013 – August 23rd

Welcome New JETs and Wisconsin programme ALTs!

There is a compulsory meeting for all *new* JETs and Wisconsin ALTs (2013-2014) on August 23rd followed by a post-orientation party!

Venue: Kaizoku no Daidokoro (The Pirate Kitchen)
Date: August 23rd
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Meal: Tasty Pirate food
Drink: Unlimited
Price: 4000円

RSVP: email YES/NO, allergies and whether you need a vegetarian option to the address below by Monday August 19th!!

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 16.44.12



Non-new JETs and Wisconsin ALTs are very welcome too on a space permitting first come first serve basis 🙂

Arr you coming?? (har har har)

Venue Details –



– Christopher Chong (AJET Leader)

Post Orientation Chiba Welcome Dinner! Aug.24th 6pm.


Chiba AJET is proud to announce we are taking reservations for the Post Orientation Welcome Dinner on August 24th 2012!

Invite is open to all new JETs and WI-alts starting in 2012.

Invite is also open to re-contracting JETs and WI-ALTs (space permitting so contact us soon if you wanna come!)

RSVP to the facebook event by Tuesday august 20th.

Location: Hartley Restaurant

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Crucial Info: Course dinner + nomihoudai (all you can drink)

YETI Ski Trip 2012!!


This is also the logo on the custom sweatshirts and polo shirts you can order from YETI for 4000/3000 yen!

Hello Chiba JETs and affiliates, and welcome to the king of winter events in Japan. It doesn’t get better than this, escape the winter doldrums with some skiing, snowboarding, and gregarious socializing in Nagano! This trip has been organized previously by Yamanashi JETs but has expanded to us in Chiba. To top it off, you can get an awesome shirt to commemorate your experience. You’d be crazy not to go!!


Here’s a break-down of the details;

The event dates are: January Friday 20th, Saturday 21, Sunday 22nd 2012. Longer stays are available for those wishing to take holiday leave from work. There also will be a party Saturday night.
This is happening at the Lady Diana and St. Georges hotel, Hakuba Goryu Resort, Nagano

Basic package: 
2 nights accommodation ¥13000 yen (Friday night & Saturday night), 
2 day weekend Ski pass ¥6500 (Saturday and Sunday).

Per day cost
1 night ¥9500 
1 day ¥4000 (weekend pass), 
1 day ¥2500 (weekday pass) 

One 4 bed room is available for ¥4000 yen extra (¥1000/person).
Saturday night’s party is included in the the fees.

1000 yen returnable ski pass deposit

Rooms are ensuite ryokan style with heaters, towels, shampoo and body soap. Lady Diana has separate sex onsens that will be open for the duration of the trip.

Rental Gear
– Skis/Board/Blades + Boots – ¥1800/2800yen for one/two days
– Ski/Board trousers and jacket – ¥1800/2800
– Goggles – ¥500/1000
– Gloves – ¥500/1000
– Lessons – ¥5250yen for a half day lesson (9am to 12pm) or (1pm to 4pm)
Please let us know your level with 0-6 with 0 being total beginner and 6 being advanced when RSVPing. The classes may come down to majority rule.

Here’s a breakdown where the fees are going:
– Friday and Saturday night accommodation 
– Discounted lift passes
– 3 meals (breakfast Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday)
– Saturday night party with some alcohol provided.

For a little extra…
Rental gear and lessons are available for the above prices.

The package can be changed depending on how many nights you want to stay. However, let us know in advance so that we know, especially if you have dietary restrictions.

The Plan: 
Friday PM January 20th 
• Arrive in Hakuba
• Check in and pay
• Socialize

Saturday January 21st AM
• Breakfast 
• Collect your pass and rental gear
• Meet the instructors and hit the slopes
Saturday January 21st PM 
• Onsen, dinner, relax

Sunday January 22nd AM 
• Breakfast
• hit the slopes 
• Or do whatever you want 

Sunday January 22nd PM
• Return passes and rental gear
• Head home unless you’re staying an extra day!

Monday January 23rd 
• Enjoy your extra day on the slopes

How to get there: 

By Car:
– Carpooling is usually the cheapest option. Be forewarned, snow tires are a must, and could be a slippery issue in Nagano.
– Also, be sure to check the webcam on route 148 prior to leaving to see real time weather conditions in the area.
– It is possible, and highly recommended to rent a vehicle from Toyota, and carpool there. This option has been the cheapest in the past since you can rent a large van, and also get it suited for winter driving.

By Chartered Bus.
– departs from Shinjuku and runs straight to Hakuba Goryu
– cost is ¥8500 per person roundtrip {3rd and 4th table are the winter schedule}

– Private bus: if there is enough demand, and it is early enough, it is entirely possible to book a private bus. However, for this we need numbers, and there can’t be, at any rate, last minute drop outs, since the booking price is quite high. 


Have we caught your interest yet? When you RSVP, please tell me the following.

1. Name :
2. Gear Rental: Yes / No? If yes, please say what: (skis,board or blades / boots / clothing) Shoe size: **cm Height: **cm (if you require board / skis) Clothes sizes – if you know them in Japanese sizes. Gloves/Goggles? 
3. Which package are you taking? (i.e. 2 nights and 2 day pass). PLEASE SPECIFY EXACTLY Double room (limited availability)?Quad room (limited availability) ?
4. Transport Situation ?
5. Lessons? Boarding or Skiing? Level? (See below for more details) 
6. Do you want a polo shirt? A hoodie? What size and name (20 characters max) ? 
7. Other Information: (planning to stay only one night / vegetarian meals required / etc) 
8. Do you have a Japanese Driver’s license or IDP? We rely heavily on people who do! If we can’t get enough drivers, we can’t go! 

Please RVSP on the event page AND send me the aforementioned information to your local coordinator, that’s me, Jesse Moore, jam16(at)